Have you ever felt like your favorite cartoon characters might have a little repressed rage boiling beneath their vibrant colors on TV? Zach Bellissimo offers Harley Quinn, Rocko, the Adventure Time crew, Gogo Dodo and others some release in his artwork, often with a side of violence. And much of it looks like it could have come straight out of the Rat Fink universe.If you care to partake in Bellissimo's slobbery mayhem, click over his Snaggle-Tooth Salad blog and deviantART account. There you will find teeth, 'toons and bloodshot eyes bulging out of familiar faces.

Bellissimo's artwork is beautiful, chaotic and intense, but he somehow manages to wrangle everything into individual compositions. If he ever takes a notion to start doing custom snowboard decoration jobs, you can bet there will be a few customers out there.

We do feel a little bad for Gogo's victim, though. Death by Dalí is a rough way to exit the world of the living.