Zombies: If you're not a fan of Disney's many princesses, then squeal with delight as they get their just reward - a lifetime of eternal flesh-eating. Until somebody puts a pullet in their head, that is. [Slash Film]

Fashion: I have no idea what this guy is doing. He's certainly not crawling walls, but he might be shooting webs. [Geekologie]

Movies: A new "Star Trek" comic tying in to the upcoming J.J. Abrams film reveals some of the deleted scenes. [io9]

DC: Jim Lee's new role as Co-Publisher of DC Comics isn't going to slow him down as an artist; "I actually plan on increasing the frequency of which you will be seeing my work." [Robot 6]

Legal: An article on comic book pirating argues that illegally downloading comics leads to the cancellation of titles like "Phonogram" and "SWORD." [Multiversity Comics]

Toys: Did you know that the Blue Beetle is double-jointed? Now you do! [The Fwoosh]