Power Girl cuts one of the most distinctive full-body silhouettes in comics, and few artists have cut her as distinctively as Amanda Conner during her run with co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray that ends today in DC's "Power Girl #12." Judd Winick and Sam Basri will no doubt make their own statement when they take over on the monthly series, but just the same, it seemed only fitting to commemorate the passing of the torch with a gallery of other artists' interpretations of Kara Zor-L.

Breakout artists like "Legion of Super-Heroes" penciller Yildiray Cinar and "Empowered" creator Adam Warren have taken a stab at her, as have an extended lineup of other deviantART users. Somehow, most of them seem to focus on one proportion in particular - though Warren's round speech bubbles happen to be the highlight of this whole post for me.

Find out which design elements pull your attention after the jump and be sure to share your thoughts.

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