If you've been reading ComicsAlliance for a while, then you already know that I'm a huge fan of Chris Onstad's Achewoodand if you've been reading Achewood for a while, you'll know that we spent 2015 wandering in a hellish desert, far from the sight of new comics. The last strip ran on April 7, 2014, and for a long time, I think we all thought that the formerly two-fisted Ramses Luther Smuckles learning to manage his anger would be the final installment that we'd ever see.

Then, one year, eight months, and 17 days later, a new (and very NSFW) strip appeared on December 24, and while I honestly thought that was evidence of a genuine Christmas Miracle, there's been a new strip every Friday for the past three weeks. And we all need to be extremely careful about it so that we don't scare it off.


Achewood by Chris Onstad


After ending its regular run of story-driven arcs in 2013, Achewood has returned for brief periods before with stand-alone strips focusing on various characters from the series, but it's always ended up going away again, like a skittish cat that noticed we were looking at it and then bolted into the woods for a year and a half.

And really, that's okay. As much as I'd be stoked about reading a new Achewood comic every day for the rest of my life --- and as much time as I spend in its absence reading through my favorite stories in the archive --- I'm just happy to get new strips whenever Onstad feels like updating. I do, however, always feel a little nervous that I'm doing something to drive it away, but that's.... that's probably more about me than it is about the comic.

Either way, enjoy the latest strips, and here's hoping for another one next week --- but, you know, don't make any loud noises or show your teeth or anything while you're over there, just in case.


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