Cartoon Network's premiere block for "older than kids" content will expand its reach by one hour next year. Kicking off in January of 2011, the network will start Adult Swim's brand of programming at 9 p.m. EST, effectively putting the brand in prime time territory.

While no official programming announcements have been made regarding which shows might run during the prime time hour, the choice will likely fall under the broad AS action and comedy banners.

The "Robot Chicken" crew seems like a likely candidate to produce a new show, having pitched a new primetime show to FOX this past fall. Between RC and "Titan Maximum," which launced on AS this past summer, however, the network may tap other options rather than potentially diluting some of its most successful brands.

Whatever the network decides to do, the action and comedy crowds have an extra hour to look forward to when 2011 rolls around.

[Via ICv2]