Since the name of Boom's Adventure Time comic book game is getting even wilder than usual on its miniseries and special issues, it's hard to say that their upcoming annual is a complete 180 from what's come before. But will turn a full 90 degrees. Seriously.

This April the Adventure Time 2014 Annual by the Tiny Kitten Teeth team of Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt is flipping the series horizontal for a special widescreen installment, which should help to fit in Dreistadt's fully painted take on none other than Baby Fionna and Cake.

For fans who enjoyed all the fun that came with Natasha Allegri's gender-swapped take on usual AT heroes Finn and Jake in her Fionna and Cake episodes or Boom! comic miniseries, it seems Becky & Frank's story will introduce an additional layer of fun to the mix by turning back the clock for a story about the duo as kid and kitten, respectively. Why, it's a story they could only call, "Baby Cakes."

You can lose yourself in the landscape of Dreistadt's cake-y cover below.


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KABOOM Adventure Time 2014 Annual A


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