Both books that Aftershock Comics announced at New York Comic Con this past weekend are essentially horror, but coming at the concept from two very different directions.

On January 4 comes Blood Blister #1, a new series by writer Phil Hester and artist Tony Harris. It looks too be a pretty intense examination of moral corruption through a body horror lens, focusing on a man whose inner corruption begins to affect his outward appearance, to horrifying effect.

Then on January January 18 is Animosity: The Rise, a one-shot by Marguerite Bennett and Juan Doe, which spins out of the ongoing Animosity title that Bennett does with Rafael de Latorre. Whereas the regular series focuses on Sandor and Jesse and their journey from New York to California more than a year after the animals gained sentience, The Rise takes place in the immediate aftermath of that mysterious event, showing what happened all over the world as the animals rose up.

BB cover

BLOOD BLISTER #1/ $3.99/ 32 pages / Color/ On-Sale January 4th

Written by: Phil Hester

Art by: Tony Harris

Inked by: Eric Layton

Colored by: Guy Major

Cover by: Tony Harris

Sin is a joke to Brandon Hull. Morality a crutch for the weak, laws mere tools to be abused. But when the corruption he scoffed at begins to manifest on his once-perfect body, Hull finds himself cast into a hidden world of unspeakable horror from which there is no escape. How can you be saved when the evil possessing you is your own soul? Opening a jarring window on to a world of horror from the writer of The Coffin, Firebreather, and Deathstroke and the Eisner Award-winning artist of Ex-Machina and Starman.


ATR cover

ANIMOSITY: THE RISE (one-shot)/ $3.99/ 32 pages / Color/ On-Sale January 18th

Written by: Marguerite Bennett

Art by: Juan Doe

Cover by: Juan Doe

"The Animals thought, spoke, and took revenge. The dust has settled and the blood dried, but a new force is rising in the West, ready to help Animal-kind seize power in the dark new world to come..."
Spinning out from Marguerite Bennett's hit new series ANIMOSITY is this special one-shot, illustrated by AMERICAN MONSTER's very own Juan Doe! Witness the devastating effects of "The Wake" and how it affected other parts of the world on that terrifying day!


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