Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. made clear that Season 3 would focus on assembling a superpowered team of their own, and whether or not the Warriors come out and play, an Inhuman will be out in force. Season 2 guest star Luke Mitchell has been promoted to a full series regular for Agents of SHIELD Season 3, keeping sparks flying between he and Skye.

TVLine reports that the former Tomorrow People star will show up for SHIELD. duty full time in Season 3, though exactly what affiliation we find him with remains to be seen. Season 2 finale “S.O.S.” saw the sparky Inhuman Lincoln siding with SHIELD. by the end, but whether he trusts Skye or Coulson enough to join the new super-team is open for debate.

Elsewhere of Agents of SHIELD Season 3, we know that fellow series regulars Adrianne Palicki (Mockingbird) and Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) will also return, ABC having abandoned plans for a spinoff centered around the pair. The Avengers-adjacent drama will also form its own incarnation of the Secret Warriors storyline, presumably helping build up to Captain America: Civil War, and also involving the Kree in whatever dire fate befell poor Simmons.

As with Season 2, Agents of SHIELD.’s third cycle will also break midway through for Agent Carter, albeit with a slightly expanded episode order. We’ll learn more of Agents Season 3 in the coming weeks on the road to Comic-Con 2015, but does SHIELD look even stronger by the addition of another Inhuman regular?

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