If you're one of the people who occupies the center of the Venn Diagram of people who like deluxe hardcover comic books and people who are super into horrifying eyeless monsters from space, then I have some very good news: Next year, Dark Horse will release a 30th Anniversary hardcover edition of Mark Verheiden and Mark A. Nelson's six-issue Aliens comic.

Originally published as a sequel to the movie of the same name, Aliens was one of the first big hits for the company, which still holds the license for Aliens comics today. It's been reprinted before --- and if you can't wait, it's currently available in DH's line of Omnibus Editions --- but this anniversary reissue marks the first time that the story will be available in an oversized edition in beautiful black and white.


Aliens, Dark Horse Comics


Here's how Dark Horse describes the project in its press release:


In deep space, a salvage crew is attacked by seemingly unstoppable monsters. The marines are called in, but they need someone with experience. Soon Hicks (the horribly scarred survivor from Aliens) and Newt (now almost eighteen) find themselves on a mission to locate and destroy the aliens’ homeworld!

This collection also marks the first major comics work by Mark Verheiden, who went on to write The Mask, Timecop, Battlestar Galactica, Daredevil, and many other films and television shows.


As for what extras might be included, that has yet to be announced, although it would be pretty great if there was a smaller version of the book that came out when you opened it, hissing and spitting acid on all of your other comics. At the very least, that would capture the horror of the film.

Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series will be on sale April 26, 2016.



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