Marvel formally unveiled its post-Secret Wars 'All New, All Different' line up on Wednesday, featuring a Marvel Universe reconfigured by the experiences of Battleworld, and an eight month time jump that allows the publisher to set up a new status quo for many of its characters. Marvel has never had a better opportunity to shake up its line, so readers had high expectations for a bold, diverse, inventive new direction. With that in mind, we're going to share the new titles with you, alongside some observations on how the new Marvel Universe is shaping up.

We started with the six X-Men titles; next up is the seven Avengers (or Avengers-adjacent) team titles, which includes three teams with Avengers in the name, plus A-Force, the mighty Ultimates, a bunch of villains stealing an old Avengers-related name, and the Squadron Supreme, who aren't really Avengers at all, but we don't have a Justice League section.

  • All-New All-Different Avengers

    Mark Waid (W), Mahmud Asrar, Adam Kubert (A), Alex Ross (CA)

    As previously announced. If I haven't said it enough already, let me say it again; I love the diversity of this team, and I love that the youthfulness and relative inexperience of some of its members really sets this team apart from past iterations. I'm very excited about this team. (I still wish it had a couple more women on it.)

  • A-Force

    G. Willow Wilson (W), Jorge Molina (A), Victor Ibanez (CA)

    "Oh so you want more women on the Avengers team, so that means you must want more men on the A-Force team, otherwise you're a hypocrite and a fascist and a... suspected... Mennonite and...."

    If this was the thought that went through your head, take a little time, reflect on your ignorance, and come back when you get it. Meanwhile, the rest of us will celebrate the continuation of this series highlighting the awesome female heroes of the Marvel Universe!

  • Uncanny Avengers

    Gerry Duggan (W), Ryan Stegman (A)

    The assimilation Avengers takes another swerve with a new creative team that includes a more robust Old Man Steve Rogers, three mutants (Rogue, Deadpool, Quicksilver), one Brother Voodoo, one Spider-Man, and presumably Johnny Storm, but there are so many flaming heroes running around now that we need to get them fire-proof badges. There's also a lady here who I don't recognize, whom I shall call 'Lady Cardiac' until I'm told otherwise. The presence of Deadpool and Gerry Duggan means that this book may take an unexpected turn into comedy, hopefully mainly focused on Quicksilver's inability to ever have a good costume.

  • New Avengers

    Al Ewing (W), Gerardo Sandoval (A)

    Well, this looks exciting! Hulkling, Wiccan, and Songbird all finally get to fulfil their destinies and become for-real Avengers, joined by Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl as part of Sunspot's new AIM, which now stands for Avengers Idea Mechanics. I'm surprised that Sunspot as Avenger, and Sunspot as head of AIM, are ideas that are sticking around, but it looks like they're heading in a fun direction. My one quibble is that Gerardo Sandoval is a perfectly good artist who may be on the wrong book; his Wiccan seems so off-model that it's guaranteed to frustrate the character's very passionate fans.

  • Illuminati

    Josh Williamson (W), Shawn Crystal (A), Riley Rossmo (CA)

    It says 'Illuminati' on the tin; it looks like a Cabal of villains, led by The Hood, and including teensy tiny blue people who are too hard to see. One of them is Absorbing Man, so the lady beside him may be Titania. You can fill in the blanks. Villain books are often a tough sell, so hopefully this one has a good high concept to make it stick.

  • Ultimates

    Al Ewing (W), Kenneth Rocafort (A)

    An intriguing new spin on an old title; this looks a lot like a Mighty Avengers team, but the branding is more distinctive now the Ultimate Universe is gone, and the team is appealingly diverse and full of awesome. I still want an America Chavez solo title, mind you.

    We've got an interview coming up with Ewing in which he confirms that Galactus is the villain of the piece. Given that Galactus's appearance depends on who's looking at him, I did wonder why he looks like a white guy, but maybe when the rest of the team picture someone trying to destroy their world, a white guy is what they see.

  • Squadron Supreme

    James Robinson (W) Leonard Kirk (A), Alex Ross (CA)

    As I gathered from the teaser images, we've got a team of refugees from destroyed realities forming a new Squadron Supreme, aka DC's Justice League with the numbers filed off. Supreme Power Nighthawk is the Batman, the former Avenger Hyperion is the Superman, The Great Society's Doctor Spectrum is the Green Lantern, and the Squadron Sinister's Warrior Woman is the Wonder Woman. The team also has a couple of characters who weren't previously in any Squadrons; Blur from the New Universe is the team's Flash, and Thundra, from a future feminist Utopia is... the team's other Wonder Woman?

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