Those of you who haven't been obsessively keeping track of which Archie Comics are available to buy at 3:00 AM might not be aware of this, but the publisher has been putting out pretty inexpensive digital collections for a while now that are all built around a certain theme. There's a bunch of them up, including one that features my beloved Elevenaire, but this week, they're topping them all with Archie & Friends: Wrestle Maniacs.

That's right, brother: A bunch of Archie comics about the King of Sports, professional wrestling. And, I suppose, that greco-roman stuff that they do in high schools and the Olympics, which, let's face it, is obviously the inferior version due to a lack of zombies, dragons, and steel chairs used as weapons. Check out a preview below!






The timing for this one could not be better --- it's out on Friday, just in time for WrestleMania season to kick into high gear in anticipation of WWE's biggest event of the year on the 29th --- and lest you think that's a happy coincidence, check out the logo for the Archie book. Also, who knew Archie was that disturbingly ripped?

Here's the official info:


Archie & Friends Wrestle Maniacs (3/20/15) Digital Exclusive
Get ready to RUMBLE! Archie and friends are laying a smackdown in this new digital exclusive! You’ll tap out with laughter as the gang jumps into the ring to tell some of our funniest wrestling stories. WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN ARCHIEMANIA RUNS WILD?!
Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Rex Lindsey, Pat Woodruff
50 pages, Full color-comic
On Sale Date: 3/20’