The epic four-way crossover still unfurling on The CW takes up too much space for every supporting character to get their due, though at least one notable Arrow member went missing with nary an explanation. Ahead of next week’s winter finale, bosses explain where Artemis was during the crossover, and what we’ll learn of her relationship with Prometheus to come.

You’re warned of full spoilers through the current season of Arrow, but considering Wild Dog, Mister Terrific and Ragman all got to hangout with Flash and Supergirl, one has to wonder what became of Madison McLaughlin’s Evelyn Sharp. After all, our last visit with Artemis revealed a surprising alliance with Oliver’s Season 5 big bad, Prometheus, something producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly was too complicated to ignore:

It’s funny, to be honest with you, in the break of 508, we talked a lot about ‘Do we have her in there?’ It felt like it was the elephant in the room and we didn’t want it distracting, so we don’t reference it in large part because I’m not a fan of, ‘Oh, it’s too bad that Evelyn’s mom is sick this week.’ I would prefer to just whistle past the graveyard. I will say, you will get a payoff to 507’s cliffhanger with respect to Evelyn big time in 509.

Moreover, EW also clarified that Artemis hadn’t betrayed Oliver from the beginning, but rather taken to heart the “So It Begins” revelation of his murderous past, and subsequently reached out to Prometheus at some point during the hour. We still don’t know the identity of Prometheus himself (or Vigilante, for that matter) but will likely gain stronger insight with next week’s winter finale, “What We Leave Behind.”

No one exactly needed Artemis to weigh in on the big alien crossover, but who’s up for deleted scenes of Evelyn and Prometheus watching the “Invasion!” on TV? Stay tuned for the latest on Arrow Season 5 in the meantime.


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