I only watch anime involving moon princesses and the "Legendary Silver Crystal," but I've been to enough conventions over the past couple of years to be vaguely aware of Attack On Titan, Hajime Isayama's wildly popular story about teens in half jackets fighting weird skinless giants that eat people pretty much all the time. The manga and anime have been hugely successful, to the point  where there is now a theme park attraction in Osaka's Universal Studios Japan, where visitors can experience the thrill of being eaten by monsters themselves.

As revealed in a video from the debut of the attraction, you can check out a 49-foot statue of two Titans engaged in battle, as well as have your own picture taken as you're cheerfully devoured by a drooling giant. You know, fun for the whole family!

The exhibit also includes whatever this horrifying thing is:



I assume that's from an attraction called "Journey to the Uncanny Valley."

Naturally, it would not be a new theme park attraction without an accompanying meal, but I have to say, dystopian hellscapes do not make for a very enticing menu:



Per AnimeNewsNetwork, the main meal is "Survey Corps Expeditionary Rations," featuring a cup of soup, bread, and a potato. The upgraded "Leader" meal also gets a slab of bacon, but seriously. A potato. Apparently this is a reference to one of the characters on the show, but maybe they could represent that potato with fries or something, and let your imagination do the rest? That Kamen Rider museum has this stuff beat hands down.

Attack On Titan: The Real runs through May, so if you're in Osaka, go have fun getting eaten, and enjoy your potato.