Even though it’s over four months away, we’ve seen a lot from ‘Avengers 2’—there’s the ‘Avengers 2’ trailer, extended trailer, a clip from the film and advance trailer for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. But, one thing we haven’t really seen in any official capacity, is Paul Bettany as Vision. While we’re still waiting for an official reveal, we do have another, better look at one of the newest Avengers.

The image below popped up on Instagram (since deleted) where someone took a pic of a promo poster for the film. Around him we see little bits of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America.



Yup, that’s Vision. We’d tell you a little more about what Vision looks like from our time on the ‘Avengers 2’ set but, y’know, Marvel snipers probably already have a laser gun sight aimed right on our forehead right now. We’ll just say that this is definitely what Vision looks like in the movie, yet somehow not as cool as what Vision will look like in the movie and leave it at that. Mark Ruffalo told us on set, “He is so dope!” and he is very much correct.

To date, the only official look at Vision we’ve seen has been the small, concept art at the top of this article. He was noticeably absent from the trailer, which is probably smart. There was a lot to digest in that footage and introducing audiences to Ultron, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch was enough for the first trailer.

As for what poster this is taken of and whether it will ever be released publicly, we don’t really know yet. Things have been remarkably quiet on the ‘Avengers 2’ front over the past month, and probably won’t be heating up again until around the time of the Super Bowl (assuming the new trailer will run during the game). It’s at least professionally done, but may be part of some kind of toy or merchandise packaging as opposed to formal advertising art.


UPDATE: The full version has appeared online.

Avengers 2 vision


As playing by Paul Bettany in the film, the Vision is a synthetic humanoid created by Ultron (who was, in turn, created by Tony Stark) to prove that he, too, has the power to create life. While originally aligned with his creator, Vision eventually turns and joins the good guys as Ultron threatens to wipe out all of mankind.

Ruffalo isn't the only one who loves Vision. Robert Downey, Jr. loves the character too, but for slightly different reasons. "There is no one I would rather have the delight of seeing in the extreme discomfort (laughs) than Paul Bettany." Unlike his co-stars Spader and Ruffalo, Bettany's work on 'Avengers 2' isn't mo-cap, but goes the old-fashioned route, which means a lot of time sitting in a chair. "I'm happy that I walk in and I leave the trailer and I can go back an hour later and Paul Bettany’s still in make-up," Ruffalo says with a laugh. "Sorry, Paul!"

Joking aside, both Ruffalo and Downey get very excited when talking about what Bettany brings to the sequel. "Just even seeing Paul Bettany within a thousand miles on set where we’re shooting is just like wow," says Downey. "This is gonna be really cool."

‘Avengers 2’ opens in theaters on May 1, 2015.


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