I do not have children. The closest I've gotten to fatherhood is being the co-owner of two hilarious cats. But if I had the power to magically transform my kitties into kiddies, I'm likely to go to Japan for my baby gear.

Why, you ask? Because of Bandai and their wonderful Bandai baby clothes. The company is putting out infant garb with designs based on popular anime properties like "Devilman," "Gundam," "Kamen Rider" and "Ultraman." Honestly, the thought of having a bald little baby in the orange and blue karate gi from the "Dragon Ball" series... well, let's just say that having the chance to bring a real life Krillin into this world has my paternal clock ticking.

The baby clothes that I'd like to put on my fictional children go on sale later in February courtesy of Bandai. Geeky parents-to-be, I dare you to restrain yourselves. You just can't do it, can you?

[via Topless Robot and Japanator]