Even if you don't recognize it by name, you've no doubt seen some famous performances from Kasou Taishou. The Japanese talent competition has become known for its spotlighting of only the most innovative in fakery, with the "Matrix ping pong" or Pet Shop Boys "Flamboyant" music video being perhaps the most well-known examples. That is, until now.

Because Batman always wins, some clever Japanese puppeteers worked out a very cool performance of Batman doing a bunch of Batmanish things like jumping from rooftops and escaping the police using just cool illusions and physics, which is very Batmanlike indeed. Just for good measure, the whole thing is choreographed to the theme from Batman (1989) by Danny Elfman. As you can see in the video after the jump, the Kasou Taishou audience can't get enough of the Caped Crusader.Check out the puppety goodness below: