Here's some fun news that'll ruin your weekend: The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has released the names of 30 people who are set to receive stars on the Walk of Fame for their contributions to the entertainment industry next year, and among them is Bob Kane, the man DC Entertainment is contractually obliged to credit as the sole creator of Batman.

Kane drew Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27, and kept writer Bill Finger, who was responsible for Batman's costume, lack of super-powers, origin story, the words "Gotham City" and "Batmobile," the co-creation of Robin, Catwoman and the Joker, from receiving any credit as co-creator. Kane arranged for his own name to remain on the book for the next thirty years in place of the actual writers and artists while he went off to peddle forged clown paintings, but Finger was finally honored with a cover credit on a reprint of that very first Batman story -- 75 years later.

Much like the star Stan Lee received in 2011, Kane's will be categorized under film, reflecting the continued success of Batman on the big screen, including The Dark Knight's box office take of over a billion dollars. For official purposes the star may be in specific reference to Kane's role as a consultant on Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film, which I believe is his only actual film credit for work he may have actually done, and also because the stars are divided up into categories like Motion Pictures, Recording, Radio, Theatre and Television, and not for things like Being Human Garbage or Lying In A Ghostwritten Autobiography And Falsifying Dates On Sketches To Make It Look Like You Created Batman In 1935, or Lying About Your Age On Your Contract So You Could Screw The Creators Of Superman Out Of Getting A Better Deal, or any of the other things for Kane actually did.

The selection process for a star on the Walk of Fame includes examining the popularity and potential tourism draw of the person to be honored, but the main consideration pretty much comes down to whether someone has $30,000 to pay for it, which Kane's widow Elizabeth and DC Entertainment certainly do.

The star will be unveiled next year in Los Angeles, and while ComicsAlliance would never officially advocate or encourage vandalism of any kind and would in fact remind all of our readers that respecting the law and public property is of the utmost importance,if that were to happen, I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of it.




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