French comics superstar Boulet is undoubtedly one of the most inspired and inventive writers and artists in comics today; his incredible works include Kingdom LostDarkness, and The Long Journey, which may well be the longest continuous webcomic ever produced. Now Soaring Penguin Press has picked up the English-language rights to his Notes series, which collects his various webcomics projects into English editions.



Through his webcomics work, Boulet can jump from an intensive travelogue straight into a flight of fancy in the space of a week, and he continually pushes at format and tone to see what new ideals he can bring out of the concept of comics. Maybe one day he'll make each panel into a gif; maybe the next he'll include some videos halfway through; maybe the next he'll shift into a completely different artistic style to anything he's done before. He's Boulet, he does what he wants.

The only constant in his work is the sense of humor that permeates each story --- even in the stories where he doesn't want it to. He's a thoroughly distinctive cartoonist, and he also sometimes draws penises on Brad Pitt.



Notes began in 2004, and there are currently nine volumes of Boulet's work published in France by Delcourt. Zainab Akhtar at Comics&Cola reports that the first volume of Notes is due for release from Soaring Penguin in April 2016, with subsequent volumes to follow every six months until the English-language editions have caught up to the original French editions. The gifs and videos presumably won't make it into print, so in the meantime you can check out Boulet's work on his website.