David Hine and Shaky Kane's Bulletproof Coffin from Image Comics is, wait for it, "the best comic you aren't reading." Yeah, I know, you've heard that before. Me too. But the truth is, Bulletproof Coffin is one of those comics that comes along rarely, where script and art are working in perfect concert to tell one story, and that story is something worth paying attention to.

The book tells the tale of a collector named Steve Neyman as he falls through the rabbit hole and discovers that the comics he's been reading may be more real than they seem. His ongoing mental deterioration (or enlightenment?) and the way comic books and reality shift and blur into each other on the page has been fascinating to watch. It borrows from every era of comic book history to create something new and familiar that still feels fresh. This is a comic you can chew on for a while, rather than consume and throw out, and discover something new each time you revisit it. If you'd like to try it on for size, we've got the complete first issue after the jump, follow by a preview of the latest issue, Bulletproof Coffin #5.

In The Bulletproof Coffin #5, Voids Contractor, Steve Norman, finds himself the victim of a terrible scientific experiment. In 'Evolution Minus!' read the incredible story of an ape with a human brain!

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