Good news for people who enjoy watching fights that employ both chi-powered fireballs and telepathic control of crocodiles: At Comic-Con International in San Diego, Capcom announced that the Street Fighter series of video games is going to cross over with GI Joe in the form of a six-issue miniseries from IDW.

The series was announced at Capcom's Street Fighter panel, and beyond the fact that the series in the works and slated for release sometime next year, very few additional details --- including the creative team behind the book --- were given. According to CBR, the announcement "teased battles between M. Bison and Cobra as well as Vega and Storm Shadow," indicating that there's going to be a conflict between the two villainous groups who both want to rule the world.

While this story will represent the characters' first meeting in comics, it's not the first time the two brands have crossed over. In 1993, with Street Fighter II at the height of its popularity in the arcade and on the Super Nintendo, Hasbro licensed the characters for action figures as part of the GI Joe line:



As cool as it was to have an extremely heavily armed version of Chun-Li hanging out with Snake-Eyes, there wasn't much of a story to go along with the figures. Now, it seems that we're finally going to remedy that situation, and I will tell you right now that if this series makes it a point to explain Chun-Li's neon-green katana, I will personally buy ten copies.