It really seems like Capcom's Mega Man should've been a cartoon for the past thirty years, right? Not only are the games themselves popular, but the idea of a friendly, big-eyed robot with interchangeable weapons taken from equally cartoony enemies is one of the most toyetic concepts that has ever existed, and that's before you get to the cute dog that transforms into a jet-powered hoverboard. And yet, with the exception of a short-lived syndicated cartoon in 1994 --- and a couple of strange videos promoting Japanese tourism --- the Blue Bomber has been absent from the small screen for a long, long time.

Now, that's going to be remedied: Capcom and Dentsu, a Japanese advertising agency and animation producer, are teaming up with the Man of Action Entertainment to create a new animated series set for a 26-episode run.

Comics readers may be more familiar with the members of Man of Action from their work in comics, but the studio consisting of Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven Seagle and Duncan Rouleau has had a pretty huge amount of success in the world of animation. They collectively created Ben 10 for Cartoon Network, and more recently have been the creators behind Disney XD's Spider-Man and Avengers cartoons.

As for what they'll do with Mega Man, I'm personally hoping that they take a cue from the current comic published by Archie --- pictured above, as there's no art from the upcoming series yet --- which is closing in on its 50th issue as one of the best adventure books on the stands. Either way, Man of Action's track record would seem to make them a pretty good fit for toyetic robots blowing each other up. The series is set to debut in 2017, just in time for Mega Man's 30th anniversary.


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