Kris Anka is drawing a different version of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, every day this month, and posting the results to his Tumblr at the end of each week. As we're just over halfway through the month, and as it's Presidents' Day in the U.S. of A., we thought our American readers would get a patriotic thrill from admiring Anka's daily Caps thus far. They're great sketches that offer a little taste of what a Captain America version of Spider-Verse might look like.

Thus far, Anka has covered Kirby Cap, Marvel Now Cap, Heroic Age cap, armored Cap, and Nomad, and his costume from the mid-2000s Secret War, plus alternate reality Caps from Age of X, Earth X, Paradise X, Mangaverse, the Captain Britain Corps, Kulan Gath's Hyborian reality, Morgan Le Fey's Arthurian reality, and a cowboy Cap that originated as a pin-up.

There are fourteen more versions of Steve still to come on Anka's Tumblr, so we may yet see 1602's Rojhaz, Amalgam's Super-Soldier, vampire Cap, Colonial Cap (another pin-up --- not to be confused with Captain Colonies), and --- fingers crossed --- Captain Americat.


Week One

Kirby Cap
Secret War Cap
Age of X Cap
Mangaverse Cap
Captain Colonies (Captain Britain Corps)
Armored Cap


Week Two


Yeoman America (Morgan Le Fey reality)
Super Soldier (Heroic Age)
Marvel Now Cap
Earth X Cap
Paradise X Cap
Western Cap
Hyborian Cap (Kulan Gath reality)


To see the rest of the series, be sure to follow Kris Anka on Tumblr.