Good news for aspiring supervillains in search of a lair who don't want to go through the trouble of carving a volcano into your own head: As reported by the Washington Post, Dracula's Castle is for sale. Sort of.

Bran Castle, a 13th Century in Romania (formerly Wallachia, better known to fans of spooooooky stories about terrible Victorian dweebs getting what's coming to them as Transylvania), has been put up for sale. And while it's an impressive enough piece of real estate all on its own, this particular Wallachian castle is believed to have inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula.

The Castle, not to be confused with the nearby Berkeley Mansion, where Dracula's rib was kept after his defeat by a magic whip, has already garnered an $80,000,000 bid from the Romanian government. All things considered, that seems pretty cheap, even without the countless deathtraps, teleportation rooms and Frankensteins that are undoubtedly within its walls. Plus, there's just so much history there! How many places in this world have a confirmed historical instance of the Silver Surfer getting backhanded?



Also, Hercules was there once. Even if that's a fairly dubious event, still. Eighty mil is chump change for that kind of history, even if it's slightly out of the budget for, say, your friendly neighborhood comic book critic who is looking to move.

If, however, you are interested in making the place your own, ComicsAlliance has acquired an exclusive look at the floorplan:



Plenty of floor space for one of those IKEA Dream Kitchens, right?