Weekender: Breakdown Press, Molly Ostertag, and Helsinki's Small Press Heaven
What a week! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to sit back and read some comics. The weekend is finally here, and the world can relax and rest once more --- but the comics industry has been busy too, you know, and the last seven days have seen a flurry of comics-based news and announcements fly past at high speed. ComicsAlliance has got your back, though: when it comes to comics, we never slow down, and so here’s a look back and just what’s been going on. New comics, new stories, new events, new podcasts, new projects being made --- it’s all part of the ComicsAlliance Weekender!
Give 'Em Elle: Queer Subtext Through The Years
Welcome to Give ‘Em Elle, a weekly column that hopes to bridge the gap between old school comics fandom and the progressive edge of comics culture. This week I'm thinking about queer subtext. Okay, full disclosure, I am literally always thinking about queer subtext. When I was in grad school, I taught a film class about queer subtext and how to find it. So that's where I'm coming from. But I'm especially thinking about it in comics.
Heroic Girls Wants More Kids (And Parents) To Read Comics!
Over the summer, children get bored. They need things to do, and a good chunk of those "things" will ideally involve reading comics, right? Reading written language. Interpreting imagery and body language. Building skills that will last a lifetime, and improve lives --- coming to understand more about the world, themselves, and those around them; coming to learn more about possibilities and powers. Combatting ignorance, by rejecting it and embracing the as-yet unknown. But sometimes kids don't want to read. Sometimes adults don't want to read either --- we all have times where we feel like we'd just rather not do the things that are good for us. And when those times roll around, what's nice is for someone to pop up and say, "Hey! I'll reward you, if you try reading this. I think it's worth your time to do it, and I think it's worth this prize for you to do it, too." To that end, the Heroic Girls Summer Reading Program is here to encourage you --- and more importantly, your kids --- to read comics. All summer. And get rewarded for it!

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