Should I Be Reading… ?

Close to You: Should You Be Reading 'Alone'?
Have you ever met someone and felt like your world was changing around you? The sun shone brighter; birds suddenly started chirping; spring flowers sprung from the ground, even though it was only February? That’s what Alone feels like.
Should You Read Emily Carroll's Horror Comics? is an oft-updated website collecting the various comics of horror storyteller Emily Carroll. Some are quick illustrations, as nasty as a bad dream, and others are longer works designed to crawl under your skin and live there, and fester. All of them will haunt you for days.
High School Spirit: Should You Be Reading 'Oh! Holy!'?
What if you were a big deal at your high school, but haunted by something you did as a kid? And what if you were a kid nobody noticed, but haunted by actual ghosts? And what if those two people were meant to be together? That's the story that drives the Korean webtoon Oh Holy.
Sex is Rad: Should You Be Reading 'Oh Joy Sex Toy'?
Oh Joy Sex Toy began in 2013 with a simple comic reviewing one of the most popular sex toys out there -- the Magic Wand Original, a vibrator of much renown. From there, the comic has spiraled out to cover every subject related to sex in a joyful, informative, and very funny manner.
Passion & Propriety: 'Miss Abbott and the Doctor'
Imagine Pride and Prejudice, only Darcy is a handsome young doctor, and Elizabeth Bennett is the daughter of anthropologists who grew up in the rainforest, only just now returning to “civilization.” Fighting with propriety and their own feelings, the protagonists of Miss Abbott And The…
Away We Go! Should You Be Reading 'Up and Out'?
Up and Out is a webcomic that started in 2013, but has evolved and changed focus over the past three years. Starting as a one-off gag comic, it soon became a (still very funny) autobiographical diary of sorts, documenting the writer’s transition. In either form, it’s a great comic.

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