Prompted by Marvel Comics' press push in support of Fantastic Four: Season One, in which the team's early days are updated to contemporary settings and tropes like cell phones, late night talk show host Conan O'Brien joked, "When the Hulk gets mad, he rips his shirt and says, 'HULK SEND ANGRY TEXT!'"

The monologue joke's premise relied upon the Incredible Hulk being a member of that legendary superteam, which as all superhero fans know was never the case. Naturally, the admonishments were many."Fan Corrections" is a weekly feature of the Conan show where O'Brien addresses grievances logged by his viewers. The nature of the corrections range from mathematical errors, erroneous subtitles, historical inaccuracies, etc. In every instance, O'Brien takes the correction as an opportunity to create often elaborate rationalizations to excuse himself from blame, sometimes involving time travel and magic, and then mocks his fans for their failure to prove him wrong.

In the case of the Fantastic Four mistake, O'Brien provided a humorous explanation for the remark but also claimed that the joke was in fact a trap set for nerds. O'Brien said the Hulk was in fact a member of the Fantastic Four -- the New Fantastic Four, an early 1990s association that included Ghost Rider, Spider-Man and Wolverine but none of the original FF members. Obviously this posture is highly dubious, but watch the video for yourself.

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