Back in 1999, DC published an 'Elseworlds 80-Page Giant' comic full of stories from alternative DC universes, but decided to destroy all copies of it at the last minute. What was so controversial that DC President Paul Levitz demanded that comic be pulped?

An adorable Kyle Baker comic called 'Letisha Lerner, Superman's Babysitter,' about a teenage girl trying to survive an evening with an infant Clark Kent, and particularly a scene where baby Superman accidentally gets zapped in a microwave (left). I guess because cartoony antics are beneath DC's standards in ways that brutal rape and punching peoples heads off are not?

Amusingly, 'Letisha Lerner' was republished and went on to win two Eisner Awards for Kyle Baker, who thanked Levitz in his acceptance speech for drawing attention to the work. Now, some of covers from pseudo-Silver Age stories in the comic have finally made their way to the light of day on the internet, and they will only make you sorrier that it doesn't exist: