You may not be familiar with Brazilian artist Gustavo Duarte right now, but come January his art may just smash its way into your heart forevermore. That's no small feat, but provided cartoony comics are capable of smacking you upside your emotions, it looks like his Monsters! & Other Stories collection of wordless kaiju and sci-fi stories is going to be one of those books.

Due out in stores on January 15, 2014, Duarte's 152-page graphic novel contains three distinct tales. The titular feature, "Monsters!," delivers a humorous take on kaiju tropes, following a giant lizard as it rampages through a city. The second story, "Có!," sees a farmer contend with an alien abduction. Lastly, "Birds" sees two business partners fight the future (but not quite in that X-Files movie tagline way, necessarily).

In anticipation of Duarte's American debut, Dark Horse Comics has provided ComicsAlliance with an early look at Monsters! & Other Stories, which you can check out below.

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