While DC's upcoming Flashpoint event is poised play out across an altered present, the publisher's also got plans to pay tribute to the past this July through August. This afternoon during the DC Nation Live panel at WonderCon, DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio announced Retro-Active, a wave of one-shots that will pay homage to the spirit of the Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Justice League of America stories of the '70s, '80s and '90s.According to DC, the writer breakdown is as follows:


Len Wein ('70s), Mike W. Barr ('80s), and Alan Grant ('90s)

The Flash

Cary Bates ('70s), William Messner-Loebs ('80s) and Brian Augustyn ('90s)

Green Lantern

Dennis O'Neil ('70s), Len Wein ('80s), and Ron Marz ('90s)

The Justice League of America

Cary Bates ('70s), Gerry Conway ('80s), and Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis ('90s)


Martin Pasko ('70s), Marv Wolfman ('80s), and Louise Simonson ('90s)

Wonder Woman

Dennis O'Neil ('70s), Roy Thomas ('80s), and William Messner-Loebs ('90s)

The $4.99, 46-page issues will be split between 26 pages of new content, plus 20 page of reprinted tales. No word on which artists will lend their talents to each title yet, but it should be interesting to see how each era's aesthetic is recaptured.

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