Mattel's kinda catch-all 4" tall DC Multiverse action figure line is set to kick off 2014 with half a dozen heroes and villains from the Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins video games. Batman leads the line with two figures of the hero in his standard and armored Wii U Arkham City suits, respectively, joined by AC versions of Mr. Freeze and Azrael. On the Arkham Origins side of the line are figures of Bane and Deadshot, suited up for snowy combat in Gotham.

All six figures are expected to arrive in stores and online around January, priced at around $10 depending on where fans seek them out. As the Multiverse toy line caters mostly to casual collectors and kids, the articulation levels seem to hover around 15 points per figure. Provided the paint apps and details shown in the below promo photos, however, they seem quite a bit more substantial than Mattel's 3.75" DC Universe Crisis figures from a few years back.

You can take a look at all six upcoming DC Multiverse Arkham figures below.



[Via BBTS]