Capcom ignited something of a speculation fire when it unveiled a mostly secretive trailer announcing "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" last month. Showing only Wolverine and Ryu plus several silhouettes, it's been up to fans to guess (or dream up) which characters they'd wind up seeing in the official title. The latest issue of Game Informer has shed a little light on the subject, however, confirming Captain America, Deadpool, Dante ("Devil May Cry") and Felicia ("Darkstalkers") as playable characters.

As interesting as these reveals may be, what really caught our attention is the rumor that Capcom is servicing Deadpool with a particularly awesome move. According to Josh Richardson on Twitter, DP could very well wind up beating his opponent with their own health bar (Please humor my MvC2 Photoshop imagining). Frankly, it seems like just the kind of fourth wall-shattering detail that fans were hoping for in the fighting game's third installment.

No word on who will be voicing Deadpool's wacky antics, but "Hulk Vs." actor Nolan North or "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" actor John Kassir seem like capable candidates - especially if this "life bar attack" gets a cool name for 'Pool to shout.

[Via Kotaku]