Between the kid-centric "The Super Hero Squad Show" and the tween-friendly "Iron Man: Armored Adventures," I'm always happy to see all-ages content that helps younglings discover comics - or at least comic book characters. That said, aside from a few features, it's been awhile since Marvel animation has really felt like more than a guilty pleasure for my sorry 24-year-old self.

Marvel's latest "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" trailer, however, looks like my kind of thing. It has a "Marvel Adventures" quality that's "all ages" without being "all ages" and it's lineup clearly ties in with Marvel's summer movie schedule for the foreseeable future, meaning it has the potential to last a few seasons.

In the trailer Iron Man's a grown up capable of using brain and brawn, Cap's nimble and confident, Thor's godhood is apparent and Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne aren't hitting each other or dying. Did I mention the hulk picks up a spaceship? It's pretty spot-on for a younger crowd.

It's less than two minutes long and is already pretty much everything 1999's "The Avengers: United They Stand" wasn't, which should help explain why I'm tremendously jealous of the children who'll grow up with this show on television.

Even though it won't hit until next year, I'm still pretty stoked for it's release. Honestly, I have been since '08 and the trailer just affirms my anticipation.

[Via ComicVine]

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