The DC Nation panel Q&A session at Emerald City Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon jumped into several controversial issues in the comics world, including the recent death of Lian Harper and the Marvel Comics promotion that invited retailers to strip covers off DC books. It also featured revelations about the new "Batman Beyond" series ad the future of the JSA on "Smallville," with DC creators on hand that included Brian Azzarello, Peter Tomasi, Geoff Johns, Fletcher Chu-Fong, James Robinson, and Eddie Berganza. DC Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler moderated, and free donuts were offered to every fan who asked a question.

The first question jumped into the recent controversy over the death of Lian Harper, the young daughter of Speedy who was recently killed in "Cry for Justice," when a female fan expressed her displeasure with the "fridging" of the character:

James Robinson: "That decision [was] a controversial and one that I know has been greeted with some displeasure by some people... I'm sorry if it upset people. In all honesty, they wanted to kill Speedy too, and I said no, so give me some credit for that."

Ian Sattler: "I'm happy it upset people because it means that the story had some weight and emotion."

When a fan asked about the possibility of a Marvel/DC crossover, the response was negative. Geoff Johns added, "If they stop telling people to rip up our books, we'll talk." Asked by another fan how the comics stripping controversy began, Sattler laughed, "We didn't start it, but we're going to finish it. I think we may have already finished it."
Quick quotes:

Ian Sattler on "Batman Beyond": "Not only do you get the 'Batman Beyond' #1 [comic] in June, but you get the 'Superman/Batman' [annual] with those characters... And not just 'Batman Beyond', but also 'Superman Beyond.'"

Geoff Johns on seeing the JSA outside the comic: "They do appear again at the end of season on 'Smallville.' The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic books. Correctly."

Geoff Johns on whether using a John McCain quotation in "Green Lantern" signaled something about his political beliefs
: "I live in California. [laughs] It was more about Senator McCain. I respect him as a [former] P.O.W., and that was more what it was about."

Geoff Johns on "All-Star Batman and Robin": "There'll be some information from Jim [Lee] on that soon."

James Robinson on his new projects: "I am developing a "Shade" series."

Geoff Johns on whether Aquaman will be coming back
: "Read 'Brightest Day.'"

Geoff Johns on the future of Firestorm: "He is going to be a main character in "Brightest Day."

Geoff Johns on the possibility of a "Green Lantern" animated series: "There's a very, very good chance. But maybe."

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