The Punisher has looked better.

Marvel's most recent teases for the fall have Frank Castle -- well, presumably Frank Castle's corpse, looking a bit reanimated by way of unglamorous technology. It's like the teaser says - "Frankencastle."

Not to be picky, but as a guy who is used to having his own mentions of the monster picked apart in message boards, shouldn't the teaser read "Frankencastle's Monster?" Or maybe "Frankenstein's Castlemonster?" After all, Frankenstein was the "modern Prometheus," not the ugly undead dude.

All particulars aside, I for one think the story looks pretty awesome. Marvel has done a pretty good job assigning top talent to the title of late, meaning the Punisher's disgusting transformation should be in capable hands.

Unfortunately the monstrous storyline doesn't happen until November, so save some Halloween nostalgia from the previous month if you plan on picking it up.