Finder is, literally, my favorite comic book. I used to force copies of Finder collections like Dream Work and Talisman into the hands of my friends, begging them to take them home and read them, hoping they would find in them what I found: an intricate, fully-realized world that married the feudal and the futuristic in a way that was irresistibly engrossing, with roots that spread deep and wide into the realms of sociology, magic, and digital existence.

The Eisner Award winning series by Carla Speed McNeil recently found a home at Dark Horse Comics, and the newest volume of Finder, titled Voice, comes out today in comic book stores. We've got a six-page preview of the newest book and an exclusive two-page preview from the upcoming Finder story in Dark Horse Presents #1.McNeil also has some indispensible wisdom for aspiring creators on the new Finder blog, in a post titled "I Recommend You Learn to Cook."

Finder: Voice: In a society defined by its intricate network of clans, Rachel Grosvenor has grown up an outcast, straddling worlds. Now, her quest for admission to a highly exclusive clan sends Rachel spiraling into the dark underbelly of Anvard and a paradox that holds the key to her future: How do you find a Finder?

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