Chances are, even if you weren't a big fan of The X-Files, you know someone who was. One of the most popular shows on television throughout its run, The X-Files produced more than 200 episodes across nine full seasons, two movies, and elevated actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to stardom. Twenty years after the show's debut, it's still revisited and celebrated by much of its fan base. And like many television series before it, The X-Files has seen its universe expanded or otherwise further explored through comics, the most recent and significant example being IDW's The X-Files Season 10. Written by Joe Harris, the ongoing series continues the adventures of Agents Mulder and Scully. In today's solicits for the titles the publisher will release in March, IDW revealed that Menton3 will take over as interior artist with issue #10, and the series covers will now be illustrated by the prolific and award winning Francesco Francavilla.

Francavilla, who ComicsAlliance recently named as one of the best cover artists of 2013, is a self-professed "huge" fan of the show. We spoke with the artist about his love for the series, as well as his approach to this latest project.

ComicsAlliance: First off, how did this project come about?

Francesco Francavilla: I had just wrapped up my year long run as cover artist for Doctor Who's Prisoners of Time at IDW and editor Denton Tipton wanted to find something else for us to work together on. Then X-Files came along.

CA: I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say you’re one of the busiest artists in comics, but you made time for this. Were you a fan of the television series?

FF: I was and still am a HUGE fan of the show. I watched all the seasons on TV and recently got them as a full DVD set so I could rewatch them. Love everything about it, including the wonderful music by Mark Snow.

CA: The X-Files comics aren’t necessarily known for a specific visual aesthetic, but you are. Does that affect how you approach the project?

FF: I am approaching this the same way I do other cover work. Publishers come to me for my specific, distinct style, so I am gonna apply my style to The X-Files; it seems to be working based on these first covers. :)

CA: In the last few year’s, it’s very possible you’ve illustrated more covers than any other artist in comics. Is there any other project you’ve done that you’d say is similar to this, in terms of the approach you’ll take?

FF: Yes, at the same time I was asked to do X-Files by IDW, I was asked to do covers for Dynamite's Twilight Zone. I am a huge fan of that show too, and somehow I think it's like playing in the same sandbox. So I'm very happy to be on board with both.

CA: Again, you're pretty busy these days. Is this a project you plan on staying on for a while?

FF: Between the Black Beetle minis and the Afterlife With Archie ongoing, I am pretty busy indeed, but I do love my cover gigs. So as long as IDW wants me, I am in for the long run.


The X-Files Season 10 #10


The X-Files Season 10 #10 goes on sale in March.




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