Funko's domination of all things collectible has seen it expand beyond the ubiquitous Funko Pop vinyls into keychains, plush dolls and even subscription services. One of the most delightful lines that Funko produces are the Mystery Minis, blind box collectible featuring characters from the likes of The Walking Dead, Zootopia and The Avengers.

Joining the ranks of the Mystery Minis is Cartoon Network's ever popular Steven Universe and its roster of characters. The line is due out in July and features not only the main characters from the cartoons, but fan-favorites such as Greg Universe, Lapus Lazuli and Steven's pet lion, Lion.

Steven Universe tells the story of a young boy whose mother was the leader of a rebel band of alien warriors known as The Crystal Gems who now raise him, along with his human father Greg. The series is a massive hit among fans of all ages not only for its charm and cuteness, but for its handling of complex themes not often found in children's cartoons, including LGBT representation.

The collection comes with two versions each of the main characters, with Steven, Pearly and Garnet getting regular versions and then a variant with their signature weapons of shield, spear and gauntlets, respectively. While it may seem like Amethyst doesn't get a variant, she actually does, in the form of the purple Steven design, which is actually Amethyst in disguise! With 15 figures in the set and only 12 per case, it looks like at least a few of these will be harder to find than others.

The toys all have the trademark Steven Universe charm and fun to them, and personally I'm going to have a lot of fun hunting down my favorites. If anyone gets Onion and wants to trade, let me know.


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