Last weekend's news that James Gordon will be portrayed by actor Ben McKenzie on the new Fox series Gotham, a look at the pre-Batman days of the DC Universe city has been followed today be even more casting info.

Robin Taylor (Another Earth), an actor notable for his svelte physique will take on the role of a young Oswald Cobblepot, of all people. Yup, the Penguin will start off skinny. Burn Notice actress Zabryna Guevara will play police Capt. Sarah Essen, the eventual second Mrs. Gordon in the comics. And Sean Pertwee, son of Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee, will portray Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Guevara's casting as Sarah is of particular interest, given that she's yet another actress of color portraying a character portrayed in comics as white. Her casting follows the news that Candice Patton will portray Iris West in The CW's new Flash pilot. More diversity on comics-based shows is nothing but good news, though it seems odd that it only seems to apply to female leads in both shows.

Gotham has also reportedly cast its Barbara Kean, Gordon's fiancee, with actress Erin Richards (Misfits).

Danny Cannon is set to direct the show’s pilot, which features a script written by Bruno Heller. Both Cannon and Heller will also serve as an executive producers of the show, which already has a series commitment from FOX.