Nightwing is no more.

In the series Grayson debuting July 2, Dick Grayson is hanging up his domino mask and taking on a new life as an undercover spy. The series will be written by Tim Seeley (Revival, Batman Eternal) and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism officer who wrote the superhero book The Once Crowded Sky.

It's an interesting approach, and one has to wonder how it'll jump off from the current story in Forever Evil, where the former Robin has been outed to the world and apparently killed. It seems like that would make it hard for him to go undercover, since seemingly everyone in the world has seen his face, but Seeley and King explained that Grayson faking his death plays a role in that.

Grayson will be wearing a costume designed by series artist Mikel Janin that has a very Tom Cruise-in-Mission Impossible feel. It's also got a big G on his chest, which seems like an odd thing for a spy to wear, but maybe that will be explained.

In the book, Grayson will go to work for the agency Spyral, which was first introduced in Batman Incorporated. King said the series will explore the current intelligence climate, in which agents engage in some questionable morality to take down bad guys. It appears Batman won't be too happy about that move, and there'll be some conflict there.

Also of note: Seeley said that Grayson is on of only a handful of heroes "considered a sex symbol by ladies." He added, "We're leaning into that."


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