During his spotlight panel at Wondercon, moderated by our own Laura Hudson, Greg Rucka dropped a bombshell. He has been out of exclusive with DC Comics for three years, despite spending those three years working exclusively with DC, and his time with them is over. He just turned in the last of his DC work for the foreseeable future, and his time with Kate Kane is done. He reiterated his love for the character, saying that walking away from her was an incredibly hard decision to make, but one that was necessary.

Rucka went on to say, "The goal when we set out writing Kate was to create a character who would endure. I really didn't want a flash in the pan. I wanted to make sure she had a strong origin. Any writer who read those seven issues would be able to write her, and would be able to write her quote unquote properly." He also revealed the original plan for his run with Kate Kane. Originally, "Elegy" was supposed to be 4 issues, "Go" 3 issues, and then a 5 part story with JH Williams III, his collaborator on "Detective Comics."

Due to a variety of things in-house at DC, they were moved off of "Detective Comics" and couldn't tell the story there. That story would have been Alice's origin story and would have wrapped up the run. "I don't know if I'll ever get to do it," he said, but said that he has "been around in this industry long enough to never say never." He made it clear that he isn't jumping ship to Marvel, choosing instead to focus on his "Queen & Country" novel and several other projects he has been wanting to do. One of the reasons he has backed away from DC was an encounter with his wife, noted writer Jen van Meter, where he realized that he "needs to [tell] the stories he wants to tell again," rather than getting complacent at DC. Check back later for a full transcript.

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