Inara's Shuttle from FireflyPress Release

As Serenity fans already know, Inara Serra, a well-respected "companion," rents a shuttle from Captain Malcom Reynolds, of the spaceship Serenity, for her periods of separation from the crew. The shuttle appears in the film Serenity, when Inara makes her welcome return to the renegades. Since summer of last year, Dark Horse Deluxe has been releasing a line of products based on the Serenity properties including graphic novels, two variations of the Serenity ornament, a PVC set, and a Zippo® lighter. The latest addition to this line of products is the Inara's Shuttle ornament. Dark Horse Deluxe has set the print run for Inara's Shuttle in a limited run of five-thousand pieces, based strictly on orders that were placed before September 14, 2007. No more will be produced.

Next on the horizon for Dark Horse's Serenity line is the Reaver Ship ornament, which will also be released in a limited edition print run set according to pre-orders placed before October 12, 2007. Fans of Serenity will be familiar with the look of the Reaver ships-created from abandoned ships and spare parts-with their threatening red markings. In Serenity, the Reaver ships emerge from an ion storm in the quest for Mal and his crew. The Reaver Ship ornament is based on one of the most memorable, menacing ships in this scene.

Last year saw the release of the Serenity ornament to an overwhelmingly receptive cult-fan base. They call themselves Browncoats, just like the ragtag rebel leader and his first mate on the Serenity ship in the short-lived and long-lamented television series Firefly. The popularity of the DVD set of the one-season run spurred studio execs to take notice and in 2005 they released a feature film that was named after the ship. Dark Horse has published a comics miniseries of the same name, which will be collected in a hardcover edition available this November.

The Inara's Shuttle ornament and the Reaver Ship ornament will be available February 2008 for a retail price of $29.99 and $39.99 respectively.