X-Men ’97 was perhaps the most well-received Marvel show on Disney+ to date. The series got good reviews from critics and was extremely popular with longtime fans of the X-Men and the animated series that inspired this sequel show. But there was a problem: One of the key figures behind the series, creator and writer Beau DeMayo, was let go from the show shortly before X-Men ’97 premiered on Disney+. So continuing the series’ success will fall on someone else’s shoulders.

According to Deadline, that someone is Matthew Chauncey, who has previously been a writer and producer on. Marvel’s other Disney+ animated series, What If...? They write that “Chauncey will work alongside X-Men ’97 director Jake Castorena, who has been on the animated followup from the start. Larry Houston and Eric and Julia Lewald, executive produced on the original X-Men: The Animated Series, will remain on as consulting producers.”

X-MEN '97

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Before DeMayo’s departure he had already worked on the scripts for Season 2 of the show; those screenplays “have reportedly been revised” since he left the show. Those episodes are now in production, while Chauncey will work on developing Season 3 of the show.

He will have plenty of material to work with as X-Men’97 ended its first season with multiple cliffhangers. Saving the world from destruction sent the X-Men team through different points in time. Cyclops and Jean Grey wound up in the future with their young son Nathan (who grows up to become the time-traveling hero Cable). Xavier, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Beast wound up in ancient Egypt with the younger version of Apocalypse. Back in the present day (or, uh, 1997), Bishop and Forge set out to locate their teammates and return them to their proper place in the timeline. That’s at least enough story for one season of the show. Maybe even two.

Marvel has yet to announce a premiere date for X-Men ’97 Season 2, much less for Season 3.

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