In the description of her new Kickstarter, prolific comic creator Jill Thompson says she has always wanted to make merchandise based on her Scary Godmother character, but the rights were tied up for some time following an animation deal that produced 2003's Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular and 2005's Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy.

Now, those rights have reverted back to her, and she's making merchandise on her own, starting with a really, really fancy articulated fashion doll. It's a pretty good deal, too. Contribute $50 to the Kickstarter, and you get one. If you follow CA's toy coverage at all, you're probably no stranger to seeing similar dolls going for twice or even three times that amount.

Some of the other Kickstarter rewards are downright extravagant: You can pay Thompson $10,000 to adapt, paint and letter a personalized fairy tale book for you. Another $10,000 would get you a Thompson-painted mural in your bedroom. Thompson will come to your child's birthday party as Scary Godmother for $3,000, or she'll make you pizza for a pizza party at $2,500.

There are actually a ton of incentives -- more than I've seen for most other Kickstarter campaigns. Thompson's up to nearly half of her $150,000 goal so far, with about two weeks left for fans to back it. Go check it out.

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