This April, Boom Studios' all-ages imprint KaBoom is launching Over The Garden Wall as an ongoing series, written by Jim Campbell and show writer Amalia Levari, with art by Campbell and Cara McGee. Over the Garden Wall began life as an animated miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network, which led to a one-shot tie-in comic from Kaboom, which led in turn to a comic miniseries, and now this ongoing book.

Over the Garden Wall's original focus was on Wirt and Greg, two brothers who are trying to find their way home from a forest called the Unknown. As of the new series, the scope has expanded far beyond that, featuring stories of other characters who live within the Unknown, as well as Wirt and Greg's experiences after making it home.

This series will be the first part of the Over the Garden Wall franchise that doesn't feature writing from series creator Patrick McHale. However, Jim Campbell collaborated with McHale on the previous Garden Wall comics, while his co-writer Amalia Levari comes directly from the animated series, so it seems unlikely that things will drift very far from McHale's original vision.

The plan is for each issue of the new series to feature two complete stories. The first issue will tell the story of Anna, a woodsman's daughter who must learn to survive the Unknown. It also features a story about Wirt and Greg, who have left the Unknown behind, except that maybe they haven't really left the Unknown behind at all.


Veronica Fish
Incentive variant cover by Veronica Fish


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