Fans of Kate Beaton and her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant are no doubt familiar with the fat Shetland pony, a fan-favorite character who has starred in many of her comics even inspired limited edition sculptures, recently made an appearance on the small screen thanks to one of our favorite animated shows, Adventure Time.If you don't know what Adventure Time is, then let's just pause for a moment and correct that with the original Adventure Time cartoon shortww, which features wonderfully surreal moments like Finn and Jake playing penguins like guitars and randomly getting transported back in time and to Mars to meet Abraham Lincoln.

A full Adventure Time series launched on the Cartoon Network in April, and the bulbous-eyed fat pony appeared in the recent episode The Eyes, wherein "Finn and Jake try to get rid of a horse that does nothing but stare at them with its big eyes."

Check out a clip of the Adventure Time episode here.

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