Welcome to the latest episode of ComicsAlliance Presents “Kate or Die,” a series of exclusive comic strips created by one of our favorite cartoonists, Kate Leth! In this episode, Kate went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, and she had some notes. Specifically, she wants to know what's going on with Scarlet Witch and Black Widow?



Fun fact: Helen Cho and Black Widow actually do exchange two lines of dialogue in the movie. Kate knows this, and we know this, and you probably know this, and now you know that we know this. We also know that the movie is only two hours and twenty minutes long. We also know that pedantry is not rebuttal!

For the record: Dr Cho and Black Widow talk about Hawkeye, so the movie still fails the Bechdel Test.

Funner fact: Everyone knows that Showgirls passes the Bechdel Test and Gravity fails it. The Bechdel Test is a useful tool. It is not a replacement for your brain.


Kate Leth is the writer of Boom Studios’ Bravest WarriorsAdventure Time: Bitter Sweets, and Power Up, as well as IDW’s Edward Scissorhands and Archaia’s Fraggle Rock. Kate got her start with the frequently autobiographical, always entertaining webcomic Kate Or Die. Published bi-weekly here at ComicsAlliance, Kate uses the strip to address topics germane to the comic book and broader nerd cultures.