Welcome to the first episode of ComicsAlliance Presents Kate or Die, a new series of exclusive comic strips created by one of our longtime favorite webcomics cartoonists, Kate Leth!

Also a contributor to BOOM! Studios' Adventure Time line, IDW's Locke & Key and Image's The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode, Kate's self-published work, seen on Tumblr and comic cons and elsewhere, has earned her a dedicated following for its idiosyncratic blend of adorable irreverence and brutal honesty (often equally adorable) toward topics of all kinds, from dating to depression to Doctor Who. For ComicsAlliance, Kate or Die will focus mainly on the sort of subject matter you've come to expect from the site, but you should also anticipate Kate taking the strip to some unpredictably cool places.

In this episode, Kate takes on a topic that the forces of creepery will never lay to rest: cosplay and consent.

ComicsAlliance Presents Kate Or Die Cosplay and Consent Kate Leth


Kate will be back in two weeks with an all-new episode of ComicsAlliance Presents Kate Or Die!

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