Sif's had a crap couple of years. Since Ragnarok, she's been trapped inside a sickly human host while her true form was worn by Loki, who helped kick off one of the worst periods for heroes in Marvel's history. Now that she's been restored to her true self, however, the sister of Heimdall and lover of Thor will resume writing her own destiny this March in the pages of the "Sif" #1 One-shot by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

"Spinning out of the pages of THOR! The Asgardian warrior Sif was no stranger to battle; the heft of steel, the pitch of combat, the spray of an enemy's blood...she even craved it. But when Asgard and its people made their glorious return through the power of Thor, Sif's body was stolen and possessed by crafty Loki. Cowed by such defilement, Sif hasn't been her true self...until a former lover and mate in arms comes to her with a call to battle and blood-spattering adventure...Now Sif sets out with Beta Ray Bill to fight her way back to true warrior's glory!"

An artist hasn't officially been announced for interior duties yet, but the Travel Foreman cover looks pretty vicious.

DeConnick's husband Matt Fraction is also headed to Asgard this spring as he begins his regular writing duties on "Thor" following his Free Comic Book Day issue of "Iron Man/Thor" with John Romita Jr.

You know what they say, "The family that writes Asgardians together, stays together."

Well, in this case anyway.

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