I love knock-off toys. Sure, they're never as detailed or as articulate or as authentic as the real deal, but there's a certain charm to figures that are clearly doing their best to emulate the genuine goods.

For this reason, I would like to oppose Fail Blog's official position by offering my firm support behind Special Man, a cheap Superman knock-off that's been labeled with the site's infamously harsh FAIL stamp. What's so wrong with Special Man? Sure, he's no Superman. Sure, bubble casing is awkwardly off center. The "S" emblem in the middle of his chest is cheaply painted and his bizarre snarl isn't doing him any favors, but does that give us the right to classify him as a failure?

Eh, alright, probably. Position revoked.

On a related note, have you guys ever heard of Spader-Man? Now that knock-off is an epic win if ever I've heard of one. In college, we used to imagine that a "Spader-Man" movie would focus on a shlubby superhero with two different secret identities in his corner played by actors David Spade and James Spader. Now that "Spider-Man 4" is dead in the water, my plans for Spader-Man have never been closer to reality.

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