Art: Gotta burning need to catch 'em all? You can get a very nice start with this Pokécollage! [Kotaku]

Redesigns: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Tony Stark designed his very own version of R2D2 - and it was good. [Geek Tyrant via Sci Fi Wire]

Cosplay: Best. Boba Fett Costume. Ever. [Top Cultured]

Romance: Angie & Giles present "A Tale of Love" in their comic book-style wedding invitation. [Giles Timms via Super Punch]

Music: Kirby Krackle has premiered an official music video for "Up, Up, Down, Down" and it's better than anything you'll listen to all day. [Kirby Krackle]

Comics: Barack Obama really is a member of the "Guardians of the Globe," in a special backup feature written and illustrated by "G-Man" creator Chris Giarrusso! [CBR]

Rumors: Is Michael Fassbender playing Magneto in "X-Men: First Class," or is he up for a villainous role in the "Spider-Man" reboot? One source says that the "Inglourious Basterds" is in the middle of making a decision between the two franchises. [Showbiz 411]

Crossovers: DC's Geoff Johns and Marvel's Matt Fraction are taking to Twitter to hash out a plot for a "Green Lantern/Iron Man" crossover that's sadly unlikely to actually happen. [Newsarama]